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I: Jesus was just a magician. In fact, magicians do better tricks than him!

A: Or you clearly don't know how magic tricks works or you just don't know what actually miracles are. Jesus never perform any magic tricks; magicians never cured a leper as Jesus did (Mark 1:40-42), (Matthew 8:1-4), magicians never cure a fully born blind man as Jesus did (John 9:1-41), (Mark 8:22-26), (Mark 10:46-52), magicians never walk on water as Jesus did (Matthew 14:22-33), (Mark 6:45-52), (John 6:16-21), magicians never cure dropsy as Jesus did (Luke 14:1-6), etc.

This is part of the reasons why I do explain magic tricks, so people may know more on what are the limits of a trick and
the difference of a miracle (for education purposes and not for spoiling ones).

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