I: People will lose the magic in their heart!

A: That's their problem and their call to do so, not mine. I rather give them a more grounded perspective of "magic", than a fictitious one.


I’ve been doing illusions for over 20 years and always found something new, original and/or different and when you think you already know everything, you will always find something new, and when you think there is nothing new, you may not remember all the tricks. So I definitely don't think people will lose the overall feeling of what "magic" could be.


Magic doesn't absolutely rely on the secret but on the presentation over the secret (around 20% secret and 80% presentation). Personally, when I go and watch a show, I'm not only going to see if they fool me or not but the whole conjunction that forms the performance such as the music, choreography, background/scenario, story, character and the feelings behind. There is no point to keep a secret if it is an awful performance, then you will realize that there is no magic in that.