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...think Jesus was just a magician, which this art more
than helping people, it has been deviating them within
what it really is the limits of a trick and the difference
of a miracle. Nowadays many magicians dare to call tricks
miracles as if they really were, and most of them really
mean it.

This kind of ignorance is intolerable and truth must be
expose and available to everyone and most to those who
desire to know, search and see.

I know as much of magic tricks that instead of getting
destroy, it cultivate you more and approach you more into
it. So no, the more you know it doesn't necessarily mean it
get destroy; by the fact that when you know more, you forget
others in the process.

Magicians need to understand that there is a lot of
susceptible people out there, even more in those dark
and hidden places.
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