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Doesn't matter what denomination you are (Theist, Atheist,
Agnostic, etc.), you will always rely on beliefs to explain
many of the issues of the reality we are living in. The
huge difference is the reason and logic you'll find only
in the word and the person of Jesus Christ. This doesn't
mean we shouldn't dig and study His marvel creation; for
the wisdom in God is the beauty of life (Proverbs 2:10-11),
(Job 28:2), (Proverbs 1:5), (Luke 2:40), (James 1:5), etc.

Life will always take you with the combination of faith
and reason, God has put enough in this world to make
faith in Him the most reasonable thing. He left enough
out to make it impossible to live the share reason alone. 

God is giving us the rationality and the arguments to
believe in Him and why we should follow the teachings
of Jesus Christ as our Mentor.
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