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...Plus Plexiglas is a new concept that didn't exist 2000
years ago and to go into the deep ocean you can't use
Plexiglas but rather a little submarine (or a personal
submarine) to hold you up to the edge (depending how
deep into the ocean you want to go). Technology like that
didn't even exist back then; and yet most people just look
at the performance ignoring the whole process and scenario
behind of what it really is a miracle and what it is just a

Also, is not necessarily for people to perform the illusion
that I explained, but also just the fact to know something or
understanding it, it will give you the ability to come up with
other or better ways to do things or bring up other illusions
with similar concepts.

There are priorities in life and my priorities are for things
that last, and faith and reason is one of them and priceless.
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