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...(I am not sure about the year but I think this news was
aired back in the year of 1995 (somewhere close)), I can't
remember which president was he or the country that he
reside, but this popular magician (I won't say his name)
responded through the media (days latter) & answered that
he can't do it since he is just an entertainer. I mean at least
the magician was honest (well he obviously was because
he obviously had no other choice) but many people not only
don't hear this kind of statement oftentimes but those that
they do they believe magicians say it just to get away with it.

I mean, no wonder why some people believes Jesus Christ
was just a magician ignoring all the facts surrounding a
performance like walking on water. For example when
someone walks on water the magician needs a whole team
behind...and when you perform an illusion like that in an
open water you can't do it for real people, far from it to do
it in open water with heavy waves in the middle of an
storm will be impossible for people not to see the secret
and still believing in you...
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